A Bespoke Project: Malvern Residence

Located in the heart of Malvern, where the fusion of timeless elegance meets modern design, Adele had the privilege of working with the client for a second time to create bespoke pieces tailored to perfectly complement the interior of the client’s home, designed by Georgina Jeffries. 

In collaboration with the client, Adele embarked on the creation of a bespoke coffee table, made to order in Melbourne crafted in Italian vein cut travertine. This stunning centrepiece not only fulfils practical needs but also serves as a captivating addition, seamlessly blending into the rooms overall aesthetic. The piece has been elegantly styled using the clients collection of books and ceramics, adding their personal touch and style to the space.

Positioned to the right of the fireplace, custom cabinetry sits complete with a bespoke piece of Viola Calacatta. The beautiful bar top serves a dual purpose - providing both a functional surface for storage and a visual piece that effortlessly harmonises with the room's features. Against the dusty pinks and light neutrals throughout the interior, the Viola Calacatta bar top feels right at home. 

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