A moment with Zoe Feldman

Coming off the back of International Women’s Day, we want to platform inspiring females in design and life. Our first formidable force is Zoe Feldman, an interior designer based in Washington, DC, and New York City. Zoe is formally trained in classical design principles and has been heavily influenced by her upbringing surrounded by midcentury modern art and design. She also embraces playful design moments and takes inspiration from fashion, film, art, and architecture. 

As a female businesswoman, what is the best advice you’ve received and actioned? 

This isn't gender-specific but has been the most influential for my business: Hire people better than you. Additionally, my mentor Barbara Sallick, who also works with her husband, told me never to bring work discussions home and to take turns being the company president so that each person's influence feels equal.

Humanity, soul and a solid sense of humour are how you create spaces that are intimate & inviting. What is your all-time favourite space that you feel embodies those principals? 

One particular room clients (and our team) always seem to reference for inspiration is a historic townhome in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of D.C. It incorporates everything we love in a space—sophistication, comfort, playfulness, a mix of styles and eras. It really nails all of our core principles.

Your practice is also deeply rooted in activism for the planet and its people, where did this stem from and what is your advice on how we can all do better? 

I gained a sense of urgency about adopting greener practices after having children. I was suddenly seeing the world from my kids' eyes and thinking about how disappointed they would be if I hadn't taken action to make the world better and safer for them. In the design world, one of the best things you can do is to source vintage or small-batch furniture. They're made better and better for the planet.

What is your favourite stone and your favourite way to use it? 

I'm currently crushing on Brèche de Vendôme for boutique usage—accents like mantels, tables, and bars. 

What is your favourite Just Adele piece?

The Low Plinth in Viola Calacatta