The Brera Story

Designer Adele shares the vision and story behind the Brera collection.

At Just Adele, we want to add to the art of living. With the inherent individuality of stone, we can guarantee that no two pieces are the same. So, your Just Adele piece is exclusive - it’s just for you. 

With the recent launch of our new Brera collection, we’re excited to share the story behind the collection and how Brera came to be, in the words of the designer Adele.  

What sparked the inspiration and vision for the Brera collection? 

Essentially, a trip to Europe! I was home with my little boy George, looking at photos of my travels. My album was filled with photos I took of Milanese floors and architecture from the design district in Milan, Brera.

I have always been drawn to the composition Italian architects use. Italian design is always bold, mixing colours and patterns. It feels luxurious and there is no holding back.

I wanted to create the feeling of travel and Italy within our homes while we are all spending more time at home and unable to travel. So that you in your own way can adopt the Milanese style.

What do you love about this collection?

That the stones that are used together are bold and contrasting, whilst the overall design of the pieces still offer simple linear forms. 

At Just Adele, sustainability is important to us. I love the sustainable and thoughtful approach taken with the design of this collection, as all products (excluding the console) are made with recycled stone.  

Continuing to make the collections in Melbourne is also something I’m extremely proud of. Every piece is made locally. So, I love that the Brera collection has helped us in continuing to support our local makers and artisans. 

How has your Italian heritage played a role in your designs?

My Italian heritage has definitely contributed to my appreciation of Italian design and architecture. I think it forces me to think outside the norm and be bold in what I create. I have an ongoing appreciation for natural stone and where it comes from.

Which piece from the collection will be finding a place in your own home?

As the floor mirror in the Brera collection is the first ever mirror by Just Adele, it would have to be the mirror! It was originally designed for my own home but after loving the end result so much, I wanted to share it. It's a leaning floor mirror, perfect for my living room where it’ll open the space. The mirror in the Brera collection is a limited edition - there will only be 50 pieces available.